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Welcome to selufen, management system consultants and specialists in compliance and certification. We are an ISO 9001 certification and compliance consultancy. We’re ISO 9001 certified, SafeContractor approved, award nominated, vastly experienced and are your friendly, helpful, problem solving partner in success.


We manage the complexities of certification and compliance in a clear and reliable way; to make your work better, for you to achieve your goals through informed decision making and risk managed solutions.


Our approach relies on competent and reasonable risk management. selufen shapes tools, borrowed from behavioural and social sciences, management systems and statistical analysis to deliver the solutions to your problems. When risks are managed properly, your business will be better placed to cope with the tough times you may face, leaving you in an ideal position to capitalise on opportunities when times get better.



selufen is based and operates primarily in London, with the ability to operate anywhere our clients need us to be.


Because of our experience with our previous successful clients we understand all too well the daunting and intimidating experience of audits and certification visits. We also understand the burden this represents to small, medium and large organisations. But, we also know a little secret about compliance and certification… When done properly, it adds value to your business!


That’s right, working to standards, developing a robust, risk based management system, planning and relying upon your arrangements and personnel will drive continual improvement and make you work smarter, better and stronger. In fact, in 2016, our clients on the SIA Approved Contractors Scheme saw an average increase in score of 40.5 at our client's first assessment after starting to work with selufen.


selufen supports companies in achieving this in an efficient, friendly and manageable way. From mapping your procedures and assessing your risks, to checking your compliance with ISO, British or sector specific Standards, we provide you the very valuable knowledge your business needs to make those informed decisions and achieve success.


Whatever the goal your company is looking for in relation to your business, your suppliers or your customers, there is a standard out there for you. selufen will assist you with all aspects of certification and cover a wide range of standards which can be applied to an even wider range of industries.


To learn more about how we operate and make the issues of certification and compliance a problem solved, please read on. Or get in touch, by phone, e-mail or smoke signal.


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